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LIGHT TRAVEL book teaches, inspires outdoor photography

“Light Travel: Photography on the Go” by Tom Dempsey teaches and inspires outdoor photography by revealing the magic of portable digital cameras. The book tells my story of how a switch from film to digital cameras inspired new creativity.

Gift this dream book to anyone who likes travel or cameras.  Learn how to pick a camera, compose and edit, and capture evocative images worldwide.

Select shipping COUNTRY, then click Buy Now:

or $14 as a digital file in PDF format (ask me to email an invoice to you for easy payment by credit card).

Or mail order “Light Travel” by post to USA addresses by sending a check for US$39.95 to:

Tom Dempsey
PhotoSeek Publishing
354 NW 112th St
Seattle, WA 98177-4841

Above, book images automatically play in a show. (PAUSE || or START SLIDESHOW as desired with buttons at lower right.) But mobile devices just display a fixed image, so click center to enlarge as a set of images with full captions in GALLERIES mode (where Add to Cart button lets you buy photos).

What readers say:

Photoseek Publishing, ISBN #978-0-578-03918-3

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