PHOTO CLASSES: Seattle camera workshops with Tom Dempsey

Photography on the Go with instructor Tom Dempsey

Sign up for my “Editing Digital Photography” class at Lifetime Learning Center in Seattle:

Six-class series: 2017 April 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20 = Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Hike England Coast to Coast

Join expert photographer Tom Dempsey in the UK this summer July 23 – August 5, 2017 for deluxe hiking England Coast to Coast with one of the world’s top tour companies, Wilderness Travel. Instead of teaching a workshop, I will be professionally photographing this tour (accompanied by my wife), creating images for Wilderness Travel’s fabulous Catalog of Adventures. Along the journey, feel free to ask me photography questions, enjoy a wonderful hiking package, and share our hunt for memorable images.

The coast-to-coast journey across England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea is one of the great hikes of the world. Wilderness Travel has perfected this classic walk, hiking the most spectacular stretches as we cut a swath across England’s historic and literary landscape and through three magnificent national parks. We bring you from west to east, putting the prevailing wind at your back, from the romantic Lake District into the upland pastures of the Yorkshire Dales and across the dramatic purple-heather moors of Bronte Country to reach Robin Hood’s Bay on the wild North Sea. En route, we visit delightful villages and ancient castles, stay at welcoming inns, and sip a pint or two at friendly country pubs—this is hiker’s England at its best!

Private lessons in Seattle

  • Jump-start your creative camera skills. Gift photography lessons to yourself, family, and friends. $40 per hour is a bargain for one-on-one lessons with an expert teacher. Sign up for digital photography workshops in the Northgate/Broadview area of Seattle, Washington, with instructor Tom Dempsey. We typically meet one-on-one in a public place such as Panera Bread eatery in Northgate Mall.
  • Email Tom @ or call (206) 372-7673 mobile phone.

From Mannlichen, view Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau, Grindelwald Valley, Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland, Alps, Europe.

Above: The Eiger in Switzerland, by Tom Dempsey. 

Past workshops

Tom taught the following classes at Lifetime Learning Center in Seattle:

  • 2016 November 1-17: “Digital Photography on the Go”
  • 2016 March 28-April 18: “Digital Photography on the Go”

In Summer 2011, Tom Dempsey taught a 5-day Alps Photo Workshop to Venice and the Dolomites Mountains, guided by Gary Scott of Right Path Adventures,

Images from my book, “Light Travel: Photography on the Go“:

Above, images automatically play in a show. (PAUSE || or START SLIDESHOW as desired with buttons at lower right.) But mobile devices just display a fixed image, so click center to enlarge as a set of images with full captions in GALLERIES mode (where Add to Cart button lets you buy photos).

3 thoughts on “PHOTO CLASSES: Seattle camera workshops with Tom Dempsey

  1. Virtually by accident, I happened into Tom’s website in time to attend his basic “Light Travel” workshop in Lake City (Seattle), this spring (2016).
    Tom’s teaching style is so versatile that virtually anyone can profit, whether you’re trying to figure out your cell-phone camera, or an advanced enthusiast, shooting a complex DSLR. Tom seems extremely knowledgeable about cameras, post processing, composition, photography technique, and especially “travel photography”. He never talks “down” to a student, yet is unafraid of dispelling photography “myths”, patiently explaining the “why” of everything he teaches and demonstrates. His critiques of images are especially unique, as one never feels “criticized”, or “wrong”, and Tom always helps you feel good about your photography ~ a very encouraging coach! I have to believe that you who are accompanying him on his travel workshops this summer, will be more than delighted.

  2. Absolutely Great – as Usual But VERY QUICK Question. Do you process on an Apple MAC – if so what photographic Processing program do you reccommend? (My daughter has a MAC and is very keen on photography as a career). Thank you – (if you have the time?)

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