PHOTO CLASSES: camera workshops with Tom Dempsey, Seattle

Classes at Lifetime Learning Center (LLC) with instructor Tom Dempsey

My next LLC class will start April 27, 2020:

Nature Travel Photography
8 sessions held twice weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays: April 27, 29, May 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20.
1:15-2:45, at Lifetime Learning Center
3841 NE 123rd St, Seattle, WA 98125
Office phone: (206) 949-8882

The best travel camera is the one you are willing to carry everywhere, including smartphone, pocketsize, and midsize cameras, all welcome in this class. But capturing often-distant nature travel subjects or wildlife really demands a good ZOOM, at least 8x to 25x. My site especially recommends pocketsize cameras with viewfinders (Panasonic ZS100, ZS80, or ZS70; Sony RX100 VII or VI) and midsize cameras (Panasonic FZ1000 II or I; Sony RX10; or DSLR with APS-C sensor using Tamron 16-300mm lens).

Bring your fully-charged camera to class, and learn how to better pre-visualize, expose, focus, compose, make panoramas, edit color tones, and share images. We’ll also share tips about worldwide eco travel destinations!

Sign up will be at Lifetime Learning Center
(206) 949-8882 or email 
Location: Lake City Presbyterian Church
3841 NE 123rd Street
Seattle, WA 98125

Tom Dempsey (standing left) teaches photography students at Lifetime Learning Center, Seattle.

Dream Alps Photo Workshop with Tom Dempsey: 2020 July 24 – Aug 01

Master your digital camera surrounded by breathtaking Swiss peaks! We will enjoy short walks to areas of concentrated beauty, where I will be teaching photographic skills to our cozy group of 6 to 10 participants. A professional Alpenwild guide will lead our spectacular 8-night Alps tour.

Sign up at by early February 2020 for the summer class. Develop your photographic genius with a pro in Switzerland.
From Mannlichen, view Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau, Grindelwald Valley, Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland, Alps, Europe.

Above: The Eiger in Switzerland, by Tom Dempsey.

Past workshops

Tom taught the following classes at Lifetime Learning Center in Seattle:

  • 2019 Apr 1-May 24 for 8 days MW: “Smartphone Photography”. The latest smartphones make photography easier than ever. Bring your fully-charged phone to class, and we’ll learn how to better previsualize, expose, focus, compose, make panoramas, edit color tones, and share to impress your friends. Upgrading your phone will really help your photography. The best now have dual cameras on the back (such as Samsung Galaxy Note9 and iPhone 7 Plus or later). Their 2x telephoto lens greatly improves portraits and brings distant subjects closer. The latest “HDR Auto” smartly captures better shadows while preserving highlights. Other good cameras include Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel.
  • 2018 Apr 30-May 16 for 6 days MW: “Editing Digital Photography”. Learn how to edit digital images with emotional impact, true to the subject. Because cameras don’t record like our eyes see, we must compensate with smart tonal adjustments in Apple Photos, in my favorite Adobe Lightroom, or in your preferred editor. We’ll cover cropping, tonal editing (exposure, contrast, & Adjustment Brush), histograms, and color theory. We’ll review before and after edits of students’ emailed photo homework.
  • 2018 Jan 8–Jan 31 for 8 days MW: “Smartphone Photography
  • 2017 Oct 31–Nov 16: “Digital Photography on the Go
  • 2017 April 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20:  “Editing Digital Photography
  • 2016 November 1–17: “Digital Photography on the Go”
  • 2016 March 28–April 18: “Digital Photography on the Go”

I am an Artist in Residence for offering photography workshops in the Alps.

In Summer 2011, Tom Dempsey taught a 5-day Alps Photo Workshop to Venice and the Dolomites Mountains, guided by Gary Scott of Right Path Adventures,


  • “Tom, I really appreciate your patience in explaining the color wheel, techniques of editing, and how to access various settings on our digital cameras.” – Nora MacDonald
  • “Thank you for all your help in making me more comfortable with my camera. A great class!” – Rochelle Goldberg
  • “I’ve really been enjoying this, Tom, and I think what I’ve been learning here is improving my eye for painting as well as photography. Thank you!” – Kay.
  • “After taking two classes with Tom Dempsey, my skill at composing photographs has improved greatly. Tom is a skilled photographer, and a knowledgable and patient teacher. He does his homework, presents well, listens respectfully to the comments and questions of his students and follows up. Tom gets back to us with emails to answer additional questions as well. He presents information at the correct level for his audience, whether individually or in the group. I really appreciate Tom as an instructor and plan to sign up for his photo editing class.” – Deb West, who has attended three class series plus private tutorials

Images from my book, “Light Travel: Photography on the Go“:

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3 thoughts on “PHOTO CLASSES: camera workshops with Tom Dempsey, Seattle

  1. Virtually by accident, I happened into Tom’s website in time to attend his basic “Light Travel” workshop in Lake City (Seattle), this spring (2016).
    Tom’s teaching style is so versatile that virtually anyone can profit, whether you’re trying to figure out your cell-phone camera, or an advanced enthusiast, shooting a complex DSLR. Tom seems extremely knowledgeable about cameras, post processing, composition, photography technique, and especially “travel photography”. He never talks “down” to a student, yet is unafraid of dispelling photography “myths”, patiently explaining the “why” of everything he teaches and demonstrates. His critiques of images are especially unique, as one never feels “criticized”, or “wrong”, and Tom always helps you feel good about your photography ~ a very encouraging coach! I have to believe that you who are accompanying him on his travel workshops this summer, will be more than delighted.

  2. Absolutely Great – as Usual But VERY QUICK Question. Do you process on an Apple MAC – if so what photographic Processing program do you reccommend? (My daughter has a MAC and is very keen on photography as a career). Thank you – (if you have the time?)

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