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About PhotoSeek.com, photographed by Tom Dempsey of Seattle, Washington

Tom Dempsey, PhotoSeek.com

Tom Dempsey, PhotoSeek.com

PhotoSeek.com distills 30 years of nature travel photography and tips by Tom Dempsey, a photographer based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Inspired by mountains and natural patterns, Tom has published over 190 images worldwide and authored the book Light Travel: Photography on the Gowhich teaches and inspires outdoor photography by revealing the magic of portable digital cameras. Hear Tom interviewed in a 30-minute Public Radio podcast (KCHO, Chico, California).

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Tom Dempsey, Photographer
Phone: (206) 372-7673
Email: tom @ photoseek.com   (retype without spaces if pasting into your mail program, or simply click the link)
Linkedin.com: Tom’s profile:  www.linkedin.com/in/photoseek
Twitter:  @PhotoSeekTom

Silhouettes of four photographers at sunrise on Mount Nemrut, in the Republic of Turkey.

Biography for Tom Dempsey

My first camera in 1978 opened my eyes to the art of seeing. A memorable nine-month trip around the world in 1981 revealed wonders of New ZealandNepalNorwayFrance, and Switzerland on color slide film. I moved home base from California to Washington in 1982. My admiration of powerful wilderness images motivated getting published in magazines and books starting in 1987. In 1997, I married my best friend Carol and created this website, PhotoSeek.com. After 2003, replacing 35mm film with a digital camera rejuvenated my photography with instant feedback and better capture of dim and high-contrast light. In 2008, sharp image-stabilized lenses freed my creativity from previous tripod constraints. Rapid camera improvements drive me to update personal camera gear about every 3 years. My inner geek hereby recommends the latest portable cameras best for travel.

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Tom Dempsey, photographer, creator of PhotoSeek.com

Tom Dempsey, photographer, author of PhotoSeek.com and Light Travel: Photography on the Go

In 2009 and 2010, I wrote, published, and updated my book Light Travel: Photography on the Go which teaches and inspires outdoor photography by revealing the magic of portable digital cameras.

More than 170 of my images have been published (click to view or purchase) in the following media:

Website PhotoSeek.com showcases over 30 years of Tom Dempsey’s nature travel photography:

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