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2016 August: Switzerland via Alpenwild tours

In one of our best trips ever, Carol and I hiked in Switzerland from July 27 to August 30, 2016. We walked for 200 miles (on 25 days out of 35 total) via trailheads connected by the world’s handiest public transportation. Included was my professional photography of two wonderful tours by, the world’s largest provider of English-language Alps tours.

See my trip images: 2016 Switzerland galleries.

To plan your next trip, see my online guide to the Alps.

In the following video captured at unforgettable Eigeralp farm in Bussalp above Grindelwald, the cheesemaker gave an impromptu accordion concert, inspiring some to dance:

Video from within the slot canyon of Trummelbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen:

Switzerland itinerary map 2016

Switzerland travel map: Zurich, Schaffhausen, Stein am Rhein, Appenzell, Berner Oberland, Valais, Engadine. (Tom Dempsey)
A geographic travel map of Switzerland shows a month itinerary starting from Zurich (doing 25 hikes in 35 days July 27-August 30) in Schaffhausen, Stein am Rhein, Appenzell, Berner Oberland, Valais canton (Fiesch, Verbier, Zermatt) and Engadine Valley, in Europe.

As an Artist in Residence for in summer 2016, I captured 4000 images in Switzerland (see my galleries) for company promotion. Alpenwild is the world’s largest provider of English-speaking tours in Switzerland. In response to my photos, Alpenwild founder Greg Witt said:

These are absolutely stunning—I couldn’t be happier. Some of us in the office today going through your 342 favorites and each one brought back a lot of memories and also generated a lot of excitement as we discussed where and how we can best use these for maximum impact.

In 2016, arranged two group tours (below) and I booked the remainder of the 5-week hiking trip. Alpenwild’s professional expertise added much comfort and enjoyment.

  1. Appenzell Inn-to-Inn with Alpenwild (see itinerary) – Hiking in Appenzell and the Alpstein.
  2. Exploring the Jungfrau with Alpenwild (see itinerary) – Inn-to-inn hiking in Berner Oberland.

Alpenwild’s service was so great that in 2022, I had them book our entire 5-week adventure as a Self Guided package!

Recommended Alps travel guidebooks

Search for latest “Alps travel books” on (look for updates every 1 to 3 years). Bring a good country guide plus a detailed hiking guidebook:

Alps hiking books by Cicerone Guides are essential for planning a hiking trip and carrying along.

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